Pack of 4 EdenThistle Jerky Go Bites

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Pack of 4
We created our Go Bites for exactly what it sounds like: families on the go. Our own experience with human and canine kids alike taught us it's always helpful to have snacks and treats tucked away in the car or the "kid" bag for rewards. Our Dog Jerky Go Bites make a healthy and easy-to-pack goody so your canine kid doesn't feel left out on any adventure--whether a trip to a coffee shop or a momentous hike. Each package is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, jeans or backpack for ultra convenience and includes bite-sized treats that will carry you through any adventure. 

Dog Jerky Go Bites come in a 1 oz. small package with a resealable zipper. 
Each bag is full of bite-sized treats for snacking. 

Our Go Bites are a smaller version of our specially crafted dog treat recipe, utilizing liver from pasture raised cows and pigs.  These organ meats are often considered as "waste" products, but as a nutrient-dense source of vitamins, protein and fatty acids, they are anything but waste! Combined with sweet potato--the only other ingredient--dogs simply devour these treats and gain wonderful health benefits.  
(Not for human consumption.)