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Who We Are


We’re Marshall and Katherine Teague--Founders and Operators of EdenThistle Land Stewardship and EdenThistle Dog Co. We live in our hometown of Lookout Mountain, GA with our three young kids, AnnCarter, Haddie, and Camp and our dogs, horse and chickens. We initially started EdenThistle as a sustainable farm to produce grassfed meat.  We are passionate about using land in a manner that makes it better overtime while producing quality food products that promote good health (learn more about this part of our business here). While deep in our farming endeavor, we had our dogs with us consistently out on the land and realized how much they benefited from time in our pastures and eating raw organ meats from processed animals off our farm (this raw meat is packed with nutrients dogs want and need) . We soon started boarding our friends’ dogs in a kennel we had on our farm, and our services have quickly grown to include clients from all over the Chattanooga area and abroad.  In 2019, we built a brand new facility to better serve all of the furry friends that come into our care. We never guessed how much crossover sustainable farming would provide in caring for our dogs. We’ve loved every minute of it and designing a system that is convenient, useful, and innovative to best serve the needs of our customers and their dogs.