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DayCare + Transportation Details

How Does Pick Up Work?

  • Once you purchase a package, we'll set up a meeting with you at your home and will come up with a personalized pick up plan designed around you and your dog. We'll work out an individualized system where you can have your dog ready in a certain area or in a crate for us on the morning of pick up. 
  • Our driver will pick up your dog between a certain set time frame that we'll set up with you so that you know exactly when we're coming. 
  • When our driver arrives to pick up your dog, they'll fit your dog into its GPS travel harness before leaving your home so that your dog is safely with our team the entire way. 
  • While in transport, your dog will be secure in their very own dog crate

    How Does Evening Drop Off Work?

    • Like the owner specific pick up plan that we'll create with you before arriving the first day, we'll also have an owner specific drop off plan. Dogs can be left in a designated room of the home, in the owner's crate, yard etc. This will vary from owner to owner and will be dictated by the owner's preference. 
    • Before leaving EdenThistle, your dog will be fitted back into one of our GPS travel harnesses so they can be safely walked and transported home.
    • Owners can expect their dogs to arrive between 4:30-5:30 and will be alerted via text message that their pup is on their way once they leave Edenthistle.

      What Will My Dog Do During The Day?

      • While your dog is at EdenThistle you can expect that they'll be running and playing with other dogs out in our pasture. When they get tired, they'll have their very own 13' den that they can nap and rest in.
      • You can learn all about what dog daycare is like at EdenThistle by following the link below!

      How Do I Schedule Pick Ups and Daycare?

      • We work to make scheduling as easy as possible for owners. There are two ways that you can schedule pick ups:
      • You can set up regular weekdays when you want to pup to go to daycare. You can do this by contacting us at 423-503-6218;
      • OR you can text us at 423-503-6218 up to the night before to spontaneously schedule daycare for your dog as long as it's before 7 pm.

        I Bought A Package, Now What Do I Do?

        • Once you check out of our online store with a Daycare + Transportation package, just hang tight and we'll connect with you ASAP. 
        • Once we call you, we'll set up a meeting at your residence to develop your personalized pick up and drop off plan.

          Are There Discounts For Multiple Dogs?

          • Yes! There are discounts available for owners who have more than one dog that they'd like to have picked up.
          • If you have multiple dogs that you'd like to send, contact us at 423-503-6218 and we can fill you in on the discounts we have for you!

            Do Package Days Rollover From Month to Month?

            • Absolutely! If you didn't use all the package days that you bought as fast as you thought you might, don't worry, they rollover from month to month. 
            • Note however that package days don't rollover from year to year. 

              What Does My Dog Need To Come?

              • Your dog will need to be up to date on the following vaccinations: Bordetella, Parvo, DHLP and Rabies. 
              • You're welcome to send treats and toys if you wish, but otherwise you do not need to send a thing -- we have everything needed at our facility to enable a fund ay of play in our pasture!
              • For more details about daycare at EdenThistle, click the link below: