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Common Questions and Answers

(while we're away from the phone)



I Need to Schedule Daycare or Boarding


The best way to schedule either daycare or boarding is to either leave a text at (423) 503 6218 with your name, dog's name and the day you need to drop off and the day you need to pick up OR you can click here to fill out a boarding request! As soon as we're back in the office, we'll get to work getting you set up!


How Much Do I Owe You? How Can I Pay?


We love getting paid! So we'll try to create as many ways for you to send us money as possible. First, to figure out how much you owe, here's the quick formula:


1. Add up how many nights your pup stayed with us. It's $30 per night per dog. If you have multiple dogs, it's $35 for the first and $25 for each additional dog
2. Did you pick your dog(s) up before 5pm? Yes, then your pick up day is free. No? If you pick up after 5pm you'll need to add another $35 to your total (assuming you have one dog... $60 for two dogs etc..)
3. Did your dog get a farm bath while here? Yes, add $20
4. Did you want to purchase some of our jerky for dogs? $12/bag


You can leave us a check or cash in the bin above your dog's run or send a venmo payment to @edenthistle or Apple Pay to 423 503 6218. 


When Can I Pick Up and Drop Off?


We do allow drop off and pick up on the weekends! We ask that you time your pick up or drop off between 7:15 am - 11:45 am OR 1:45-5:30 pm. If you need to pick up after hours send an email to


Can I Come Visit the Place?


You bet your bottom dollar you can. However, we do require that we schedule all visits before you come so leave us a voicemail or text at 423 503 6218 or shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back in the office.